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  • WebThis Site

    We all strive to better ourselves , in our lives and in our children's lives, but that should NOT be at the expense of others. The ruling mafia have created an underclass for a number of reasons and would include letting us all know that if we do not follow their rules we may end up on the streets. Also their mass media propaganda machine ensures the poor, disabled, vulnerable and sick can be used as a punch bag and blamed for ALL the ills of the world and have us believe it is the POOR that are stopping us from bettering ourselves.

    This is maybe the most ruthless and devious lie created by the press barons who have ensured the sheeple's venom is vented towards those least able to defend themselves while distracting attention away from the ruling mafia who live opulent lifestyles and with riches so VAST no one can truly comprehend how vast that wealth is. Fortunately the internet is rewriting history and exposing the myths within a propaganda machine that must break this despicable cycle of deceit and were a psychological battle has been waged on our minds to ensure we remain compliant with the ruling elite's demands. We must all re-learn to respect those who need our sympathy and understanding, not venom, and we must also be aware that every man facing injustice will allow in the end all men to face that same injustice .

    Without fighting for the weakest in our society, while complying with the ruling mafia's orders, we condone and perpetuate a well orchestrated master plan that will allow these evil bastards to hold onto power unless our humanity has a massive wake up call and remove that ruling elite from power in one way or another. It is only in the interests of the ultra wealthy that this system can carry on ad infinitum. Everyone else will continue to suffer, as they have done throughout history, while the ruling mafia carry on their deceitful and diabolical plans and all part of their new technological order.


    The best index to a person's character is how he treats people who can't do him any good, and how he treats people who can't fight back.

  • Credit crunch? 619,000 millionaires living in Britain rising 17 per cent over the last two years
  • The X Factor vision of society blames the poor for their predicament
  • A third of Britain STILL belongs to the aristocracy
  • Campers descend on central Paris to highlight plight of homeless
    Do you think the cops are there to protect you from criminals?
    Do you think judges are there to give you justice?
    Do you think lawyers are there to protect your freedoms?
    Do you think legal aid is paid to poor litigants?
    Do you think bailiff's act honestly when evicting homeowners?
    Do you think social workers are there to protect your children?
    Do you think politicians are there to ensure your welfare?
    Do you think local authority chiefs are there to provide you with services?
    Do you think psychiatrists are there to guard your mental health?
    Do you think the banks are there to make YOU prosperous?
    Do you think the media are there to enlighten us?
    Do you think teachers are there to educate ?
    Do you think the armed forces are there to protect your security?
    Do you think regulators are there to ensure all of the above stay in line?

    If you have been reading and watching the complicit media for most of your life you likely have been brainwashed into believing all of the above, when in fact many are criminals or forced to act in a criminal way for their masters. They only get away with murder to protect the self appointed elite pulling the strings of their satanically controlled duped goons who act ONLY in the interests of the psychopathic madmen and women running the world while living in VAST OPULENCE.

    You might also believe that the latest credit crunch is affecting everybody, but look closely at the facts and you will see there is a tier of privileged individuals who NEVER suffer during controlled recessions. In fact they PROSPER while millions struggle to survive the sudden changes of fortune brought about by the few at the top deciding to rein in the pittance they provide in sustenance to the masses primarily to stop any major dissent from their form of enslavement and tyranny . For centuries these few scum bags have been getting away with absolute murder turning generation upon generation of our forefathers into slaves for the ultra wealthy. Unless we stop them now our children and grandchildren will suffer the same deviant world they claim is some kind of civilized society. They have required a massive propaganda network to get away with this for so long, but by the day that machine is grinding to a halt in the mass exposure of the monstrous evil they have been getting away with.

    Do not be fooled by the fancy clothes and ancient traditions, these mobsters have been using subtle and devious tricks of the trade , disguised as some sort of esoteric knowledge, or so they claim, while using thuggery, blackmail, bullying and abuse to persecute anyone who steps outside their masonic bubble. These maniacs and psychopaths have been raping and murdering in endless wars they create to keep us all in fear and in our lowly place.
    May I tell a pack of lies AGAIN? VIDEO
    Moscow expels 23 UK diplomats and shuts British Council in retaliation as spy row deepens VIDEO
    Responsible sources: YouTube plans to use Wikipedia to fight against misinformation VIDEO
    Barclay Brothers rag portrays May like Mother Theresa during spy poisoning
    Another gun totting moll to add to the royal mafia's vast arsenal

    After Dunblane the establishment had the excuse to disarm the peasants but NOT themselves
    Even the Daily Rat finally has to expose the royal parasites

    Though still showing sympathy for the queen. 'Why is Prince Charles so extraordinarily self-indulgent? Why can’t he be more like his mother, who lives without complaint under leaky roofs and in rooms that haven’t been repainted since her Coronation?'

    'Nobody knows what utter hell it is to be Prince of Wales,’ Charles said in November 2004. His idea of hell, it must be said, is unlikely to be shared by most of his future subjects. Take, for example, accounts of what it is like to have Prince Charles come to stay for the weekend.

    Before a visit to one friend in North-East England, he sent his staff ahead a day early with a truck carrying furniture to replace the perfectly appropriate fittings in the guest rooms. And not just the odd chest of drawers: the truck contained nothing less than Charles and Camilla’s complete bedrooms, including the Prince’s orthopaedic bed, along with his own linen. His staff had also made sure to pack a small radio, Charles’s own lavatory seat, rolls of Kleenex Premium Comfort lavatory paper, Laphroaig whisky and bottled water (for both bedrooms), plus two landscapes of the Scottish Highlands.

    The next delivery to arrive was his food — organic, of course. His hosts decided, despite their enjoyment of his company, not to invite him again. Their experience was less distressing, however, than that of the family asked to host Charles for a long weekend on the Welsh borders. Over the preceding months, they’d invited many friends for the four meals at which he’d preside; they’d also hired staff and ordered in masses of food and flowers.

    But on the Friday afternoon of Charles’s expected arrival, there was a call from St James’s Palace to offer regrets. Under pressure of business, the Prince could not arrive until Saturday morning. The following day, the same official telephoned to offer regrets for Saturday lunch, but gave the assurance that Charles would arrive for dinner. Then, that afternoon, the whole visit was cancelled due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’. The considerable waste and disappointment were not mitigated when Charles later revealed to his stricken hostess the reason for his cancellation. He had felt unable to abandon the beauty of his sunlit garden at Highgrove, he said.

    For about six months of every year, the heir to the throne enjoyed a unique lifestyle in beautiful places, either in seclusion or with friends. Although his travelling staff (a butler, two valets, chef, private secretary, typist and bodyguards) could anticipate most of his movements between his six homes, the only definite confirmation of his final destination, especially to his hosts, would be the arrival of a truck carrying suitcases, furniture and food. There then followed endless telephone calls with his staff as he changed his mind about his future plans and projects.

    For four months every year he lived in Scotland, where he expected people to visit him from London, usually at their own expense. Sometimes, he travelled abroad. After the death of the Queen Mother in March 2002, for instance, he flew to Greece to stay for three days on his own in a monastery on Mount Athos. Unfortunately, someone took a photograph that showed the Prince stepping off a boat with a butler and a remarkable amount of luggage in tow — certainly far more than anyone could need for a few days’ meditation.

    The image didn’t exactly chime with the theme of the imminent Jubilee celebrations: to emphasise the monarchy’s relevance in modern Britain. Charles’s staff could see this, even if he couldn’t.Julia Cleverdon, an executive on one of his charities, stuck the photo on her office wall and wrote, with risky irony: ‘We’re off to Mt Athos with 43 pieces of luggage.’ The Prince’s other free weeks were likely to be divided between well-off friends. At Chatsworth, the 175-room home of his beloved Debo Mitford, the Duchess of Devonshire, Charles and Camilla would be assigned a whole wing for up to three weeks. During the shooting season, the Prince opted for the company of Gerald Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster, at either Eaton Hall, near Chester, or at the Duke’s shooting lodge in the Forest of Bowland in Lancashire.

    In between, he stayed at Garrowby, the home of the Earl and Countess of Halifax in Yorkshire, and with Chips and Sarah Keswick in Invermark, Scotland. Even his personal policeman was roped in to cater to his comfort. If the Prince had to attend a function, the policeman would arrive with a flask containing a pre-mixed Martini. This would then be handed over to the host’s butler along with a special glass that Charles insisted on using. And if he was expected to sit for a meal, the host would be informed in advance that an aide would be delivering a bag containing the Prince’s food. This was in complete contrast with the Queen, who always ate what everyone else was having.

    None of this petulant behaviour would be on show, however, when Charles emerged in public. On those occasions, he’d show what appeared to be genuine interest in people and events. Few outsiders could guess, commented one adviser, whether or not he was ‘just putting on a game face’.

    Sir Christopher Airy, who became his private secretary in 1990, was once reprimanded for suggesting to Charles that a forthcoming visit was ‘your duty’. The Prince shouted at him: ‘Duty is what I live — an intolerable burden.’ At home, his demands were constant, which meant an assistant had to be on call in Charles’s office until he went to sleep. All his aides were subject to familiar daily tirades. ‘Even my office is not the right temperature,’ he’d moan. ‘Why do I have to put up with this? It makes my life so unbearable.’

    Sir John Riddell, his private secretary for five years from 1985, once told a colleague that Charles was better suited to being a second-hand car salesman than a royal prince. ‘Every time I made the office work,’ Riddell observed, ‘the Prince f***ed it up again.

    ‘He comes in, complains that his office is “useless” and people cannot spell and the world is so unfair, then says: “This is part of the intolerable burden I put up with. This incompetence!” ’ When Charles entertained at home, everything was geared to his own habits and convenience. Dinner would be served to guests at 8pm, but he wouldn’t arrive until 8.15pm, because he’d decided against eating a first course. It was fine, therefore, for dinner guests to start without him. Not at breakfast, though: visitors to Highgrove were cautioned by Camilla not to begin eating before the Prince appeared.

    He was also unusually particular about his gardens at Highgrove. Because he refused to use pesticides, he employed four gardeners who would lie, nose-down, on a trailer pulled by a slow-moving Land Rover to pluck out weeds. In addition, retired Indian servicemen were deployed to prowl through the undergrowth at night with torches and handpick slugs from the leaves of plants. Charles also gave rein to extravagance in his office, where he employed an individual private secretary for each of his interests — including the charities, architecture, complementary medicine and the environment.

    And anyone visiting the office at St James’s Palace would be escorted to it by no fewer than three footmen, each responsible for a short segment of corridor. A weekend with the Prince at Sandringham, meanwhile, can be a decidedly odd experience. One group of writers and journalists, invited five years ago, arrived to find that each of them had been assigned a servant. Friday after dinner was listed as a cinema night. The chosen film was Robert Altman’s Gosford Park, depicting upstairs/downstairs life to an audience surrounded by the reality of that social order. The film became a regular feature of Charles’s culture weekends.

    Michael Fawcett, the Prince’s former valet and fixer, supervised the placing of chairs in front of a screen in the ballroom. In the front row were two throne-like armchairs for Charles and Camilla. Soon everyone was seated, and servants entered with silver platters of ice cream. The film started. Charles and Camilla instantly fell asleep, and the ice cream slowly melted away. On Saturday, the guests took a walk with Charles, during which he spoke about his belief in a sustainable environment. They were careful to avoid debate: their host, they had been cautioned, was easily offended.

    ‘People think I’m bonkers, crackers,’ Charles groaned suddenly, in the middle of a field. ‘Do you think I’m mad?’ he asked, in a manner that forbade a positive reply. The two-hour walk ended back at the house, where the guests were served tea.

    ‘Right, we’re off,’ Charles announced, striding out of the house after a quick cup. Jumping into his Aston Martin, he drove at breakneck speed down narrow, twisting lanes, reassured that police motorcyclists had cleared other traffic. His guests followed in a fleet of gleaming Land Rovers, arriving at Charles’s local church in time to hear a short concert. On Sunday, female guests had been instructed to wear appropriate hats and gloves for a trip to the local Anglican church, St Mary the Virgin and St Mary Magdalen. The two who chose to go to mass at a nearby Roman Catholic church felt Charles’s displeasure.

    By Sunday dinner, some of the guests had become puzzled about their host. His habit of commandeering a small bowl of olive oil just for himself provoked one visitor to recount a story of Charles during a recent trip to India. The Prince had invited the banking heir Lord billionaires be rounded up to accompany him. During the tour, a sumptuous lunch was held in a maharaja’s palace. Unexpectedly, a loaf of Italian bread was placed on the table. As an American billionaire reached out to take a piece, Charles shouted: ‘No, that’s mine! Only for me!’

    In reply to that story, another visitor recalled that on a previous weekend at Sandringham, a guest had brought Charles a truffle as a gift. To everyone’s envy, Charles did not share the delicacy at dinner but kept it to himself. Those who know him have often asked themselves why Prince Charles is so extraordinarily self-indulgent

    At the end of the Sandringham weekend — the guests were asked not to leave until the Monday morning — some were told to leave £150 in cash for the staff, or to visit the estate’s souvenir shop. Most would tell their friends that Charles seemed genuine, but that the weekend was surreal.

    Those who know him have often asked themselves why Prince Charles is so extraordinarily self-indulgent. Why can’t he be more like his mother, who lives without complaint under leaky roofs and in rooms that haven’t been repainted since her Coronation? In 2006, for instance, Charles used the royal train simply to travel to Penrith to visit a pub — at a cost of £18,916 — as part of his ‘pub in the hub’ initiative to revitalise village life. And he spent £20,980 for a day trip by plane from Scotland to Lincolnshire to watch William receive his RAF wings.

    By contrast, the Queen travelled by train — courtesy of First Capital Connect — to Sandringham at Christmas. Her ticket cost £50, instead of the £15,000 her journey would have cost by the royal train. Some have speculated that Charles’s extravagance is a kind of revenge on the Duke of Edinburgh, for sending him to Gordonstoun in Scotland during his formative years. The Prince loathed the school’s Spartan regime, but his father insisted he stay there to complete his secondary education. The other mystery is why Charles has never seemed to appreciate his great good fortune. Instead, he has given vent so frequently to resentment that one friend has dubbed him ‘an Olympian whinger’.

    With a personal income of millions from the Duchy of Cornwall (£16.3 million in 2007 alone) he could afford to indulge his slightest whim — yet even that didn’t satisfy him. One evening, the Prince was particularly maudlin at a dinner hosted by a billionaire in Klosters, Switzerland, for a number of the super-rich. When they’d finished eating, Charles huddled in a corner with King Constantine of Greece. ‘We pulled the short straw,’ sighed the Prince.

    Compared with others in the room, he complained, both he and the King were stuck for cash. In his case, he explained, the Duchy of Cornwall administrators would repeatedly tell him what he couldn’t afford to do. In fact, Charles doesn’t have to answer to anyone over his use of the duchy’s income. At the time of his complaint, among his 124 staff — most of them paid for by taxpayers — were four valets.

    Why four for one man? So that two would always be available to help him change his clothes, which he did up to five times every day. It could be argued that it is his association with billionaires that has made Charles so dissatisfied with his lot. During a recent after-dinner speech at Waddesdon Manor, Lord Rothschild’s Buckinghamshire home, Charles complained that his host employed more gardeners than himself — 15 against his nine. Fortunately, the public were unaware of such gripes. His staff, however, began to realise that his extravagance was threatening to undermine his public image.

    To counter this, Michael Fawcett told a charity donor: ‘His Royal Highness lives modestly. He hasn’t got a yacht and doesn’t eat lunch.’ This had the benefit of being partly true: Charles has never bought a yacht and prefers not to eat lunch — though he could easily afford both. More worryingly, the Prince’s then private secretary Sir Michael Peat decided to brief a journalist that ‘Charles does not enjoy a champagne and caviar lifestyle’.

    Contrary to the public’s perception, he continued, the Prince possessed only one car, and did not even own his own home. In reality, Charles had access to a fleet of at least six cars, including two Aston Martins, a Bentley, an Audi, a Range Rover and a Land Rover. And Peat’s quibble about the legal ownership of the six homes variously occupied by the Prince (Clarence House, Highgrove, Birkhall, the Castle of Mey, Balmoral and Sandringham) was clearly disingenuous.

    Among other things Peat failed to mention was that when Charles moved into Clarence House, in 2003, the cost of refurbishment had soared from £3 million towards £6 million — all funded by the taxpayer. Or that the 15-bedroom Castle of Mey, had been rebuilt with the help of a £1 million gift from Julia Kauffman, a Canadian-born heiress living in Kansas City. Foreign Office officials, however, were well aware of the Prince’s tendency to demand the best of everything, without dipping into his own pocket.

    Indeed, relations with the heir to the throne became increasingly strained as he continued to insist on travelling on private planes, especially to the Continent. After one particularly nasty spat, Charles reluctantly agreed to fly commercial in Europe. But on his return, he refused ever again to take a BA plane. ‘He wanted the convenience — and not to mix with hoi polloi,’ observed one mandarin dryly.

    REBEL Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles by Tom Bower, published by William Collins on Thursday at £20.

  • Zakharova Tells Who Is Really Behind The Salisbury Anti-Russian Campaign VIDEO
    Piers Morgan Clashes With RT Presenter Afshin Rattansi About Russia Reporting VIDEO
    Gutter press elevate May to royalty status on back of spy poisoning

    Meanwhile Putin, Corbyn and Salmond get smeared for daring to challenge findings.

    For any man who has faced vile smear campaigns in divorce courts triggered by a bastard royalist state nothing is as it seems and there are many men who died from those attacks.There are also thousands dead thanks to Theresa May's policies of austerity and tory thug attacks on the poorest and weakest yet her friends in the gutter press elevate her to god like status over spy poisoning. Meanwhile the royals will be getting rolled out over the wedding and made to look like the good guys while they target others as the baddies.

  • Double Agent Sergei Skripal – There’s More to This Story Than Meets the Eye
  • Meddling ‘revenge’? MSM will teach you how to boycott Russian presidential election (VIDEO)
  • RT presenter destroys Piers Morgan, after Piers claims he is certain that Putin “kills journalists
  • ‘Fantasy Politics’: France Accuses May of Going After Russia Without Evidence
  • Screw You Trump: Photos of USA Chemical Weapons Facility in Ghouta (For a prime example of absurd, irrational behaviour, one only has to look at the way the British government has been behaving over the issue of the poisoning of a couple of Russians, how, without any evidence whatsoever have belligerently and aggressively blamed Russia, specifically Putin and the Kremlin, using the most bellicose language and issuing threats aplenty)
  • Ex-mayor of London Ken Livingstone comments on UK-Russia scandal over Skripal case VIDEO
    They Dont Want You Seeing This! VIDEO
    What Happened to the Nuclear Test Sites? VIDEO
    Los Angeles Homeless Man Harassed by Downtown Business District's Purple Patrol VIDEO
    Putin Confronts Megyn Kelly VIDEO
    UK and USA accused Russia of poisoning Sergei Skripal at emergency UNSC meeting VIDEO
    First Putin now Corbyn as right wing gutter press attacks anything questioning poisoning of Russian spy

    This is the same mob that claim daily we should bow to the royal parasites and paint a cosy glow of their vile murderous regime. Murdoch, Harmsworth, Barclay Brothers and Richard Desmond manipulate the sheeple with propaganda. Tha same mob that smear heterosexual men as abusers every single day in their twisted rags. How can you trust any rag that supports the royal parasites?

  • Theresa May expels 23 Russian diplomats, as Deep State, false flag poisoning serves its purpose
  • Salisbury Shows You Can Accuse Russians of Anything
  • Front pages on second Russian murdered in London

  • Russian exile Nikolai Glushkov found dead at his London home
  • Trump tells media why he fired Rex Tillerson VIDEO
    May finds scapegoat to distract from the tory's own mass murder of the peasants

    Nice timing as the royal parasites are about to wed

  • Theresa May pushes nerve agent false flag, gives Russia 36 hour ultimatum
  • The Financial Conduct Authority prosecuted eight cases of insider trading in the past five years and secured 12 convictions. By comparison, the Department for Work and Pensions prosecuted or penalised more than 10,000 benefit fraudsters last year (There lies the heart of inequality where rich toffs are getting away with murder while the poor are hammered)
  • Attempted suicides by disability benefit claimants more than double after introduction of fit-to-work assessment
  • A ‘shocking’ report on suicide attempts among benefit claimants has surfaced. But the media is silent
  • Crocodile tears from a tory who hears the desperation and suicide attempts of those harshly treated by the UK's tory driven draconian welfare system?
  • Tory scum accused of “economic murder” after researchers linked hundreds of thousands of deaths to cuts to public services that began seven years ago
  • Disability welfare cuts driving people to 'thoughts of suicide' claims charity
  • Tory scum's assassins the DWP are causing fear and terror(from 3.14)(VIDEO)
  • Tory rebellion throws Universal Credit reforms into chaos (How tory scum inflict more punishment on the vulnerable)
  • Woman who cannot use her legs and left arm was told to ‘find work’ and had her benefits stopped
  • Benefits assessor sanctioned for mocking disabled claimant (The utter scum employed to fleece the disabled)
  • UN slams the UK Government saying welfare cuts have created a 'human catastrophe' for disabled people
  • Disability assessors 'lack right skills'(Appalling mistreatment of the disabled by a vile tory government)
  • Cruel Tory disability benefit changes strip £6million a year from people with multiple sclerosis
  • DWP withhold one of their former employees benefit money
  • Suing The DWP
  • More than 5,000 sick and disabled benefit claimants have been sanctioned for 6 MONTHS
  • People who have had cancer, breathing difficulties, a kidney removed and a stroke are told to dust themselves down and get to work. Even dogs in the street know welfare system is broken as more and more get sick of callous Tories
  • DWP forced disabled women to crawl up stairs for interview for fear of being sanctioned
  • Disabled mother took fatal overdose hours after her benefits appeal rejected (Evil tory policies killing British citizens yet a whole swathe of the country want to vote them back in. What does that say about a country that allows this to continue unabated?)
  • Shock rise of people given ZERO points in the Tories' cruel disability benefit tests
  • Alice Kirby accuses the tory assassins the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) of "institutional abuse"
  • Tory scum's endless merry go round of disabled reassessments is an excuse to cut welfare (The lying thieving bastards claim "reviews could see their payments rise" finding such a claimant is like looking for a Dodo)
  • More people come forward in the DWP ‘Kill Yourself’ scandal
  • A letter to fellow benefit claimants who feel suicidal
  • Tory assassins Maximus ‘have falsified results of fitness for work tests’, says MP
  • PIP investigation: Welfare expert says two-thirds of appeals involve lying assessors (The extreme measures taken by a ruthless tory government against the weakest and most vulnerable in society)
  • Woman with no hands had her benefits stopped because she couldn’t open a letter (VIDEO)
  • Austerity: The Demolition of the Welfare State and the Rise of the Zombie Economy
  • Ken Loach: Tory government 'callous, brutal and disgraceful' and 'must be removed'
  • DWP scum try to suggest Ken Loach film of the vile treatment of the most vulnerable is not representative (We can say with absolute certainty Loach, if anything, understated the appalling treatment of victims at the hands of the murderous DWP, ATOS and Maximus. Cancer patients with life threatening conditions are forced out of their beds to be paraded at DWP offices and stamped fit for work. The Nazi mindset is alive and well in every DWP office the length and breadth of Britain and why so many of their lackeys remain ANONYMOUS when speaking on their behalf. The vulnerable and poor now face, like divorcing men, the most appalling psychological persecution that leads many to suicide)
  • Royal Mail staff given access to confidential medical details
  • Woman housebound with incurable flesh-eating disease for 15 years has benefits axed and told 'go back to work'
  • Sick man ruled 'fit to work' at Jobcentre collapses and dies in street minutes later (Tory assassins Maximus and the DWP still at the mass murder of the vulnerable)
  • NATIONAL SHAME: Every week 800 disabled Brits' benefits slashed after assessment by French data firm ATOS (and that from a right wing rag owned by Richard Desmond)
  • The tory's assassins the DWP interfered with a sick man's doctors reports that led to his death
  • Tories still punishing the sick by reducing payments despite May's assurances that things will change
  • Tory assassin Iain Duncan Smith refuses to accept Ken Loach's portrayal of his draconian punishment meted out to the most vulnerable
  • Ken Loach: life in austerity Britain is 'consciously cruel' (VIDEO)
  • Disability benefits appeals WILL become less fair
  • Virtual abolition of PIP, DLA and ESA appeal tribunals as we know them (Lawyers NOT doctors left to assess medical conditions)
  • Scores of disabled protesters shutdown Westminster Bridge with chilling banners showing all those 'killed by cuts'
  • The scum and filth employed to steal money from the disabled
  • Partially paralysed man missing half his head 'declared fit for work by the twisted bastards at the DWP'
  • These are all the MPs who voted to force through the ESA disability benefit cut
  • Tory's murderous rottweiller IDS finally quits over vile welfare cuts to the most vulnerable (but only after thousands of innocents have died from them)
  • Tory henchman Iain Duncan Smith was the chief architect of toxic tory ideology with measures that drove the poor and disabled to despair and mass suicide
  • Tory assassins Atos face contracts probe after MPs vent their fury at fit-for-work giant (Paid to kill off the 'useless eaters' for a murderous tory regime)
  • The Sanctioned Jobseeker
  • Disabled People Against Cut
  • Life when the Jobcentre says you broke the rules
  • DWP don't want filmed in the way they treat the sick and disabled(VIDEO)
  • American firm doing Tories’ dirty work on benefits is hit by whistleblower’s shocking allegations
  • 'Murderer!' - Iain Duncan Smith confronted by furious protest as he visits Job Centre
  • Cancer patients could be left HOMELESS because of brutal Tory benefit cuts
  • Iain Duncan Smith 'should be sanctioned' for refusing to speak in welfare cuts debate
  • Top Tory says welfare cuts won't hurt poor because they save £10 filling their CARS
  • Tory's vile murderous henchman Iain Duncan Smith says disabled should ‘work their way out of poverty’
  • Family of a severely disabled young man (Down’s syndrome, epilepsy, autism) forced to prove he is unfit for work under the ruthless Tory welfare cuts
  • Stripped of benefits and forced to live on £87 a month ... the latest victim of the DWP
  • Whistleblower former Atos doctor talks to BBC News (May 2013)(VIDEO)
  • An ex Atos Healthcare nurse tells her story (VIDEO)
  • Tory gangsters and the trail of the dead
  • Tory assassins the DWP admits using 'fake' claimants in benefit sanctions leaflet(VIDEO)
  • Disability benefits firm Atos backtrack on pledge to reveal how much they get for doing Tories' dirty work
  • There's no excuse for tory assassins Atos change of heart over disability checks
  • Tory assassins the DWP deliberately and illegally held up disability payments to cause extreme distress to applicants with severe physical and mental health difficulties
  • 7 reasons to cringe that the tory's evil bastard Iain Duncan Smith has been reappointed
  • 'Harmful' ESA benefit sanctions double in one year - who's at risk and why
  • Government in High Court over benefit payment delays (Tory scum use DWP as assassins for a vile regime)(VIDEO)
  • Evil ConDem sanction regime murdering the vulnerable by withdrawing support
  • Secret DWP reviews called for improvements after benefit deaths
  • Doctors’ union facing fresh criticism after snubbing the government’s “fitness for work” test meeting
  • Disabled activist felt ‘violated’ after judge used Google to compile dossier on her
  • Humiliation greets Maximus in first week of the government’s “fitness for work” delivery
  • Maximus (The new ATOS) will face nationwide protests on first day as ‘fitness for work’ provider
  • DWP dismisses concerns about the troubled history of Maximus – which has a lengthy record of discrimination, incompetence and alleged fraud in the USA
  • Two disabled people who spent months waiting to be assessed for the new disability benefit have secured the chance to take legal action against the government over the delays they and thousands of others have faced
  • Ministers have admitted releasing yet more inaccurate information about their secret inquiries into the deaths of benefit claimants
  • United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (on the PCS union website)
  • Incapacity Benefit test 'leaves people suicidal' (VIDEO)
  • Another murder by tory assassins ATOS and the DWP (Today the tory scum are in parliament talking up their 5 years in power as if they have created a miracle ignoring the thousands who have died under their vile murderous regime)
  • Ex-DWP employees expose the DWP sanctions regime(VIDEO)
  • Gutter press barons malicious and deliberate demonization of the poorest peasants
  • Disabled People Against Cuts
  • Tory cuts leave disabled gran living off just 1p a week - driving her to brink of suicide
  • Boycott Maximus (The new tory assassins that replaced mass murdering ATOS)
  • After hated mass murdering Atos quits, will Maximus make work assessments less arduous?
  • American firm Maximus 'awarded contract to assess fitness-to-work'
  • Universal credit 'a nightmare', says claimant who advertised welfare reform
  • Grandad passed fit to work by Atos - despite brain damage, depression, diabetes and stroke (Tory scum's assassins ATOS and DWP still getting away with MURDER)
  • ESA appeal's are endless - Employment and Support Allowance (VIDEO)
  • Labour axes would-be MP who claimed Tories want to 'kill the sick and starve the disabled'(Daily Rat agrees with Labour hierarchy over sacking of candidate who speaks the truth about ConDem agenda)
  • The Elephant in the Studio was the number of people who have died due to the Incapacity Benefit/ESA sanctions regime imposed by Iain Duncan Smith
  • Tories discuss stripping benefits claimants who refuse enforced treatment for depression (Taking another idea out of the gestapo book on how to mistreat the mentally ill gas ovens coming soon)
  • The Staggering Cost Of One Man’s Delusions: £25 Billion Squandered On Bungled Welfare Reforms
  • Any future Conservative or Conservative led Coalition Government will continue to kill many more innocent victims in this State sanctioned slaughter (LETTER TO THE ICC AT THE HAGUE RE: MISTREATMENT OF UK SICK AND/OR DISABLED PEOPLE)
  • Tory assassins ATOS exposed by former nurse
  • Tory assassins the DWP and ATOS trigger coma in mentally ill woman
  • 32 die a week after failing test for new incapacity benefit
  • Atos: Government funded murder (VIDEO)
  • Fury as benefits bullies DWP force 50,000 disabled Scots to go back to work
  • Panorama - Disabled or Faking It? (BBC's version)(VIDEO)
  • Tory assassins ATOS killed my sick dad, says devastated Kieran, 13 (Genocide on a grand scale being carried out throughout the UK)
  • Expert in charge of controversial ‘back to work’ tests quits after warning the system needs to ‘fair and humane’
  • New Labour and the end of welfare
  • Making an appeal to the Social Security and Child Support tribunal (VIDEO)
  • Benefits assessment firm causing 'fear and loathing' among claimants, says MP
  • Tory government (thanks to far right wing extremist Carol Black) want doctors removed from medical assessments (sounds like the Nazi's when will the gas ovens be moving in?)
  • Carol Black : GMC investigates alleged abuse of power (from 2008)
  • Deaths following Atos rulings of "fit for work"
  • Work Capability Assessment motion (VIDEO)
  • Survivors Resistance Network demands an end to Work Capability Assessment (WCA)
  • House of Lords motion to annul Work Capability Assessment regulations, 16 March 2011
  • Hundreds of Scots DEAD as FOI reveals thousands die in UK as a result of Tory-Libdem benefits ‘tests’ by ATOS
  • Self righteous SNP and their vile rogue MSP's

    The SNP's feminist / lawyer leader Sturgeon condemns heterosexual men with vile
    legal machinations while the scum of the earth reside within her own party.

  • Heterosexual men the new black in Apartheid Scotland
  • Kremlin Publishes Full Megan Kelly Putin Interview - NBC Cut the Best Parts VIDEO
    Putin: West Will At The End Swallow Their Own Poison, The One They Prepared For Russia VIDEO
    "We Should CRIMINALIZE Sexist Thought??" Crazy Cathy Keeps True to Form for Tucker VIDEO
    SNP's blue eyed boy to be banned from Holyrood over abuses

    The very political mafia who smear and create laws to crucify innocent heterosexual men have abusers within their ranks

  • The morally upstanding SNP who are chaining innocent men with their obscene laws have abusers in their midst who exploit their positions of power
  • Mark McDonald (SNP childcare minister) caught in sexual harassment scandal as party favourite resigns
  • Heterosexual men the new black in Apartheid Scotland
  • Scotland has a feminist lawyer MAN hater Nicola Sturgeon running the show
  • Evil feminist lawyer witch SNP Nicola Sturgeon pushes discriminatory laws against men now she funds discriminatory payments to push her nasty law society backed feminist agenda (She is now the NUMBER 1 hate figure for men in Scotland and setting a dangerous precedent)
  • In 2015 Nicola Sturgeon was voted “Politician of the Year” by the homosexuals and lesbians she backs to the hilt (Meanwhile she and her scumbag party continue to manufacture the most vile and toxic legislation against heterosexual men and their families across Scotland)
  • When masonic thugs are in charge of law enforcement only INJUSTICE prevails

  • Police Scotland has been branded “shambolic” after it emerged different divisions
    are still recording crimes in different ways
  • Spy poison alert front pages
    The morally upstanding SNP and their fine upstanding MSP's

  • The morally upstanding SNP who are chaining innocent men with their obscene laws have abusers in their midst who exploit their positions of power
  • Mark McDonald (SNP childcare minister) caught in sexual harassment scandal as party favourite resigns
  • Heterosexual men the new black in Apartheid Scotland
  • Scotland has a feminist lawyer MAN hater Nicola Sturgeon running the show
  • Evil feminist lawyer witch SNP Nicola Sturgeon pushes discriminatory laws against men now she funds discriminatory payments to push her nasty law society backed feminist agenda (She is now the NUMBER 1 hate figure for men in Scotland and setting a dangerous precedent)
  • In 2015 Nicola Sturgeon was voted “Politician of the Year” by the homosexuals and lesbians she backs to the hilt (Meanwhile she and her scumbag party continue to manufacture the most vile and toxic legislation against heterosexual men and their families across Scotland)
  • Scottish property sold then stolen back before disappearing to offshore tax havens

    Lawyers and judges controlling vast wealth tied up in property and stolen in crooked divorce courts run by a legal mafia. Most offshore tax havens run by law society lackeys

  • British-controlled tax havens on Caribbean island chain own 23,000 UK properties
  • Who is Really Behind Youtube's Censorship? VIDEO
    The American Dream: Skid Row Downtown Los Angeles Christmas Day 2017 VIDEO

    WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Trump to Meet Kim Jong Un VIDEO
    Bullying, harassment and intimidation in the House of Commons VIDEO
    Notes From A Gas Chamber VIDEO
    Kidnapping For The State - Carlos Morelos Anarchapulco 2017 VIDEO
    Freemason Initiation Ceremony caught in KJV Baptist Church VIDEO
    New good bad ploy in gutter press front pages

    We have noticed lately a very subtle a devious trick the gutter press are playing with our psyche. While they take some of the dregs of society who have committed the most heinous crimes and plaster them all over their front pages, right next to them they plaster images of the royals or future royals as if to directly contradict the scumbag rapist and murderers sitting alongside the royalist images.

    Now it doesn't take a rocket scientists to work out the Ying and Yang of portraying the royals as the good guys when they have a long history of far more heinous crimes than all the lowlifes the media go after with a venom. Pity the same interest wasn't taken in what the royals get up to behind the scenes?
    Los Angeles’ homelessness crisis is a national disgrace

    There are few sights in the world like nighttime in skid row, the teeming Dickensian dystopia in downtown Los Angeles where homeless and destitute people have been concentrated for more than a century. Here, men and women sleep in rows, lined up one after another for block after block in makeshift tents or on cardboard mats on the sidewalks — the mad, the afflicted and the disabled alongside those who are merely down on their luck. Criminals prey on them, drugs such as heroin and crystal meth are easily available, sexual assault and physical violence are common and infectious diseases like tuberculosis, hepatitis and AIDS are constant threats.

    Skid row is — and long has been — a national disgrace, a grim reminder of man’s ability to turn his back on his fellow man. But these days it is only the ugly epicenter of a staggering homelessness problem that radiates outward for more than 100 miles throughout Los Angeles County and beyond. There are now more than 57,000 people who lack a “fixed, regular or adequate place to sleep” on any given night in the county, and fewer than 1 in 10 of them are in skid row.

    Homelessness burst its traditional borders several years ago, spreading first to gloomy underpasses and dim side streets, and then to public parks and library reading rooms and subway platforms. No matter where you live in L.A. County, from Long Beach to Beverly Hills to Lancaster, you cannot credibly claim today to be unaware of the squalid tent cities, the sprawling encampments, or the despair and misery on display there.

    At last, the problem became so acute — and so visible — that Los Angeles took extraordinary action. To your credit, to all of our credit, the citizens of this city and this county voted in November 2016 and again in March 2017 to raise our own taxes to fund an enormous multibillion-dollar, 10-year program of housing and social services for the homeless.

    As a result, Los Angeles now has its best chance in decades to combat homelessness — an opportunity that surely all can agree must not be wasted. It is neither desirable nor morally acceptable nor practical for this city or this county to blithely tolerate the signs of destitution more commonly associated with 1980s Calcutta or the slums of Rio de Janiero or medieval Europe. We cannot go on shutting our windows to beggars at freeway offramps or stepping casually over men and women curled up in sleeping bags or turning away when people who have no access to public bathrooms use the city streets as toilets. We cannot indefinitely roust people who have nowhere to go or confiscate their belongings or criminalize their struggle for basic necessities. Such desperate stopgap measures are not solutions, but emblems of a deteriorating city, admissions of failure. We now have the opportunity to do better.

    But here’s the bad news: Passing Measures H and HHH was the easy part. Money alone doesn’t solve problems, and in the end the tougher questions are how to spend it, where to spend it, on whom to spend it and how to measure success. If we hope that the crisis will be gone — or, more realistically, under control — when the money runs out in 10 years, we need city and county officials to explain what actions they’re taking and why, how many people they’ve housed or failed to house, what they expect to accomplish by the end of the year and by the end of the decade — so that we can hold them accountable for their actions.

    Furthermore, those politicians who have for too long shamefully shirked their responsibility to address the festering problems must now exercise real leadership; they must stop pandering to the vocal minority of residents who object to housing for homeless and low-income people in their neighborhoods. Years of infighting, mixed messages and failures of political will must come to an end.

    All the region’s politicians must step up, but especially Mayor Eric Garcetti — whose legacy and political future will rise or fall on how he handles this colossal urban crisis — and the members of the Los Angeles City Council, who have too often allowed political expediency and timidity to guide their actions. Homelessness in the city of Los Angeles has risen every year since Garcetti took office in 2013. Over the course of his tenure, it is up 49%.

    County officials have made some progress — breaking down bureaucratic silos, leveraging new federal Medicaid dollars, setting sensible goals and priorities, using Measure H money to quadruple the number of homeless outreach teams, add shelter beds and help with rental subsidies — but they too have an enormous task ahead of them. And homelessness, which does not recognize municipal boundaries, is also present in most of the other 87 cities in L.A. county, many of which have historically tried to push the poor and homeless out, hoping the problem would go away. Only three cities in the county are on track to meet their “fair share” housing construction goals.

    How did we get here? From the founding of this newspaper in 1881, the pages of The Times have been filled with stories of those we have called, at various times, vagrants, hobos, tramps, transients and drifters. And for as long as there have been homeless people, there has been a tendency to blame the victims themselves for their condition — to see their failure to thrive as an issue of character, of moral weakness, of laziness. Since the “deinstitutionalization” of the mentally ill in the second half of the 20th century, and the subsequent failure of government to provide the promised outpatient services for those who had been released, the problem has grown significantly worse.

    Today, a confluence of factors is driving people onto the streets. The shredding of the safety net in Washington and here in California is one. (Consider the inexcusable shortage of federal Section 8 vouchers for subsidized low-income housing, or the dismally low level of “general relief payments” for the county’s neediest single adults.)

    At the same time, California is experiencing a severe housing shortage. Gentrification is taking more and more once-affordable rental units off the L.A. market, and restrictive zoning laws along with high construction costs and anti-development sentiment make new affordable units hard to build. Over the last six years, the rent for a studio apartment in Los Angeles has climbed 92%, according to UCLA law professor emeritus Gary Blasi, so that even people who have jobs can find themselves living on the streets after a rent spike or an unexpected crisis. As Blasi notes: “In America, housing is a commodity. If you can afford it, you have it; if you can’t, you don’t.”

    Contrary to popular belief, the homeless in Los Angeles are not mostly mentally ill or drug addicted, raving or matted-haired or frightening — although a sizable minority meet some of those descriptions. They are not mostly people who drifted in from other states in search of a comfy climate in which to sponge off of others; the overwhelming majority have lived in the region for years. Today, a greater and greater proportion of people living on the streets are there because of bad luck or a series of mistakes, or because the economy forgot them — they lost a job or were evicted or fled an abusive marriage just as the housing market was growing increasingly unforgiving.

    It will surprise no one to learn that it is the most vulnerable among us who usually end up without a place to live. According to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, more than 5,000 of the county’s 58,000 homeless people are children and more than 4,000 are elderly. About one-third are mentally ill. Some 40% are African American. Also heavily represented: Veterans. The disabled. Young people from the county’s overwhelmed juvenile justice system and its foster care programs. Men and women just released from jail, without the tools or skills needed for reentering society. Patients released from public hospitals — often with untreated cancers, infections, heart disease or diabetes. Victims of domestic violence.

    All the great social issues of American society play out in homelessness — inequality, racial injustice, poverty, violence, sexism. Naturally, life expectancy for the homeless is short: about 47 years, according to skid row doctor Susan Partovi, compared with 78 in the population as a whole.

  • Los Angeles Has Criminalized Poverty By Making It Illegal To Sleep In Cars and RV's
  • Feminist tyranny (instigated by judeo / freemasons) getting much worse in the UK
    Argue with your wife or partner over money and you'll be tagged. Meantime Gayrdian promotes International Womens day while promoting potential tagging of every man not part of the satanic cult ruling Britain.

  • Femi / homo BBC promote judeo freemasons planning to tag EVERY non mason man for arguing with partner or wife over money (100's of young men have been jailed for rape because Britain's masonic legal mafia and cops hid evidence that proved their innocence now they want to use ANY excuse to lock up men , steal their homes, bank accounts and most especially their children for their paedo rings. Tyranny alive and well in the UK)

  • Gayrdian promote electronic tagging potentially of every non mason man to monitor their movements under a new CIVIL protection order (Nothing criminal only CIVIL with no jury and with hearsay evidence)

  • 916 innocent young men had RAPE charges dropped in 2017 over a failure to disclose evidence - up from 537 in 2014-15 (How can anyone trust the British Crown and its many masonic lackeys from jailing many more men for the most spurious of reasons?)

  • "Women's Day" is Old Soviet Propaganda Ploy (Women who participate are dupes and "useful idiots)
  • Feminist lawyer Sturgeon on the man hating again

  • When you have a feminist lawyer running Scotland you get this man hating BULLSHIT
  • Nerve gas on UK streets. The Russians did it?

  • Was Russian spy poisoned by British Intelligence?
  • Cops Beat Woman Days After She Testified Against One Of Them In Police Brutality Case! VIDEO
    Netanyahu rants about Iran at 2018 AIPAC VIDEO
    Just A Boys' Game (1979)A Peter McDougall film exposing the mean streets of Scotland VIDEO

    in reality it's much worse even today
    All you need to Know about the 2018 Oscars VIDEO
    Russian Spy "Double Agent" Found Unconscious On Park Bench Poisoned By Unknown Substance! VIDEO

  • Russian spy: Russia 'has no information' on Sergei Skripal collapse
  • Russian spy poisoning dominates gutter press front pages

    A rare occasion when the royal parasites don't dominate their vile rags
    Netanyahu Heads To The White House "Amid Mounting Legal Scrutiny" In Israel VIDEO
    Loads of feminist bullshit at 2018 Oscars VIDEO

    No mention of the Homowood homopaedo network then?

  • Feminists on rampage at Oscars 2018(VIDEO)
  • Ashley Judd: We're going to burn down the patriarchy(VIDEO)
  • Oscars 2018's illuminati pyramids
    The madhatter feminists at the marching again

  • Whinging feminists back on the streets AGAIN (They have never had it so good. Ask any woman given a multi-milllion pound divorce settlement and the biggest racket and transfer of wealth on the planet. How much more equality do they want?)
  • Radical feminism and the rise of handbags that cost as much as a house ($380,000 [£279,000]There is method in their madness)
  • May deluded on house building as British streets lined with the homeless

  • Woman gives hotel rooms to homeless during storm only for them to be ‘turned away’ because they did not have any identification
  • 'Discharged to the streets': one homeless man's struggle in freezing London
  • Canada's "The Ungovernable" VIDEO
    Satanic cults control America and the world

    Is it any wonder the world is in the state it's in? and they ain't hiding the fact. All of it in plain sight.

    Trump surrounds himself with masonic symbolism VIDEO

  • The Satanic Temple
  • Church of Satan
  • Uncovering The Trump-Freemason Connection
  • CULT LEADER? Is Donald Trump in the Illuminati? The conspiracy theories surrounding the new US president
  • WikiLeaks Confirms That Donald Trump Is Son Of Satan
  • The Devil and Donald Trump
  • The United States of America is a Satanist Country
  • What the Hell? Satan worship on rise in America
  • Can a burgeoning satanic movement actually effect political change?
  • Mankind is in the grip of a vicious Satanic cult
  • How Hillary Clinton Met Satan (You do know that Hillary Clinton is funding the whole radical feminist agenda?)
  • A controversial statue unveiled by the Satanic Temple at a secret ceremony in Detroit has attracted protests
  • Satan Wants You: The Cult of Devil Worship in America
  • An infamous street gang from Los Angeles murdered at least eight people as part of satanic rituals
  • The 1970s: the Rise of occultism, Satanism, and evangelical fear
  • In 2015 hundreds of adherents and observers flocked to a Detroit warehouse to witness the unveiling of a statue erected on behalf of the Satanic Temple
  • Black Magic: Satanists Rule the World, Not Politicians, Bankers or Military Heads
  • Six Lesser-Known Cults That Will Give You More Nightmares Than American Horror Story
  • 10 Cities And Towns With Connections To Satanism
  • Rise of Satanism another sign of 'America's fall from God'
  • Former Satanist: “I Performed Satanic Rituals Inside Abortion Clinics”
  • FBI Report – Satanic Ritual Abuse
  • USA government exposed for satanic worship(VIDEO)
  • What’s the Most Satanic City in America?
  • Only a mason could get away with rape for so long and so much spent on protecting him

  • Taxi rapist Jon Worboys to receive 24-hour protection costing up £300,000 a year
  • More fake royalist bullshit threats

  • More FAKE threats for the royals to feign sympathy?
    (How many times a year do the sheeple hear this nonsense from the gutter press?)
  • Charlie is homeless in Pasadena VIDEO
    Scottish crown prosecution service lets scam lawyer Greg King and partners off the hook

    Anyone else would be in jail with lawyers protecting their own

    Prosecutors will not be taking action against four men following a fraud probe into the collapse of a £400 million finance company.

    Lawyer Gregory King, 49, and three other men were reported to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service by detectives investigating his hedge fund Heather Capital, headquartered in the Isle of Man. Mr King, a lawyer, launched Heather Capital in 2005, attracting a number of investors and loaning money for property deals.

    But after its collapse in 2010, liquidator Paul Duffy claimed that £90m was unaccounted for and a police fraud probe saw four men reported to prosecutors in April 2013. Now, after five years, the Crown has dropped the case.

    A Crown Office spokesman told The Herald: “The Crown reserves the right to raise proceedings should further evidence become available.” Mr Duffy, of Ernst & Young, has dropped the £7.3m claim against Burness Paull, which was linked to Heather Capital.

    Lord Bannatyne in the Court of Session yesterday confirmed the action against the law firm had ended.

  • Hunt on for bust tycoon Greg King's £50m fortune with companies and property targeted (2017)
  • Jon Venables (LAWYERS) have been given £260,000 in legal aid since the murder of James Bulger


  • The family of James Bulger have been refused legal aid (Just like thousands of men during divorce)

    The shocking abuse of legal aid by lawyers protecting evil killers and money obtained through the thieving of men during divorce, many who are unrepresented, and a corrupt legal aid board paying lawyers to do their dirty work while stealing land and property on the grandest of scales.

  • Tucker Calls Out President Trump For Siding With The Gun Grabbers! VIDEO
    Roger Waters on Palestine VIDEO
    The billboards that sum up Hollywood

  • Artist Sabo covered three Los Angeles billboards with red tarpaulins accusing
    the entertainment industry of covering up child abuse
  • Thousands of people from England and Wales who as children were forcibly sent abroad, where many suffered abuse, should be compensated, an inquiry says (Any doubts about the British establishment's EVIL intentions should read this outcome)
  • Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg on emotional return to school VIDEO

  • How a survivor of the Florida school shooting became the victim of an online conspiracy
  • Conspiracy theorists come after Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg
  • Kevin Hogg is Prime Suspect in Parkland Shooting
  • Crisis Actor David Hogg Being Told By Off Camera Handler "No cursing in your lines"(VIDEO)
  • Model and her sex coach offer secrets of Russian elite in exchange for USA asylum VIDEO
    Russia’s ‘fake’ election? VIDEO
    USA govt may be granted access to data stored in other countries VIDEO
    More royalist bullshit in the 'Kate and Meg' show

    Same gutter rags pumping out the same royal bullshit

  • Attacks on Jeremy Corbyn by the rightwing press(owned by billionaire tax exiles) are leading to large spikes in his support base immediately after negative newspaper articles
  • Rough sleepers face freezing night: what to do to help VIDEO
    Homeless man shivering on Scottish beach given hotel room

    “It’s fantastic” — Burntisland community rallies round to bring homeless man in from the cold

    Locals were worried the man would be rough sleeping during some of the coldest weather in Fife for years. A kind-hearted community has united to bring a freezing homeless man in from the cold. With the so-called Beast from the East due to hit large swathes of the UK, Burntisland folk were horrified by the plight of the man, known only as James, found shivering in a tent on the town’s beach.

    But thanks to a Facebook appeal by local resident Darren Wapplington, James was given a warm room in a hotel paid for by generous townsfolk. Jason Borthwick, owner of The Sands Hotel and one of the first to respond to Darren’s post, said he had been overwhelmed by the response of local people who rallied within minutes. “The fact people have this spirit about them has restored my faith in humanity,” he said. Darren stumbled across James as he was walking his dog on Sunday afternoon.

    He later posted on Facebook: “James was very matter of fact about living in a tent. “However, having seen the terrible weather forecast for the week would anyone be interested in contributing to funding him accommodation for a few days?” He also urged local hotels or B&Bs to do a special rate for James and added: “Not a lasting solution but given the weather it would be a particularly horrendous time to be rough sleeping.”

    Jason stepped forward to offer his services and donations began pouring in to cover the cost of the stay. “I had a spare room and he was welcome to it,” he said. “Then people were coming in to the hotel to drop off money for him and there’s in excess of £100 so far.

    “I don’t know how long he’ll be here because the council have been to speak to him and we’re hopeful he’ll be sorted out with something. “I’m not here to make money out of James’s situation, just to cover my costs, so if there’s cash left over when he leaves I’ll ask people if they want me to give it to him or to a homeless charity.” Jason was full of praise for the people of Burntisland.

    “It’s fantastic that so many people got together so quickly to find a positive result for this man,” he said. “James was also delighted and very thankful and appreciative.”


  • Former Met cop John Wedger silenced over barge paedo ring AUDIO

  • Former Met cop John Wedger says he was warned he would be silenced and “thrown to the wolves” if his findings about a canal-based paedo ring ever got out (2016)
  • Baby P detective John Wedger sues ‘bully’ police after exposing child abuse and corruption(2017)


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  • Satanic cults control America and the world
  • Bullshit response to our FOI request to the Equality and Human Rights Commission on freemasonry
  • More and more of the world's citizens are being isolated from the grid
  • Equality and Human Rights Commission FOI on freemasonry conflict of interest
  • Scotland has a feminist lawyer MAN hater Nicola Sturgeon running the show
  • Heterosexual men the new black in Apartheid Scotland
  • Victim culture lets feminists and lesbians, homosexuals and zionists get away with murder
  • Fraternity? More like vast skullduggery
  • Will 2018 be better than 2017?
  • Illuminati slaughter in Las Vegas???
  • Gangs of freemason racists in the London judiciary and cops targeting black victims
  • Freemason judges the ultimate child abusing scum
  • Crown lackey lawyer feminist Alison Saunders new HATE crimes or just trying to protect jewish criminals?
  • Why do the public eventually HATE every single political leader since Thatcher?
  • When HATE is maybe warranted
  • UK councils and government murdering for the British state
  • Good to see the tory government have got their priorities right?
  • Right wing press barons turn on May after election failure
  • What is the best form of defence against a terror attack?
  • British establishments dirty murderous tricks
  • Aren't MI5 supposed to protect UK citizens from attacks?
  • Scottish Parliament instigate more bullshit about reform QUIETLY
  • Are the lunatics running the asylum or those who vote for them?
  • Amelia Fawcett rich bitch witch who fills the Guardian / Observer with mountains of man hating feminazi shit
  • One BIG advantage about the EU that is seldom mentioned over Brexit
  • Judge a country's success not by how well the rich are doing but how well the poorest are doing
  • Westminster attack distracts from Israeli jew behind global bomb threats
  • Why do the mass media constantly rant about property prices and sales?
  • Is the Royal parasite dying?
  • No immigration issues when the British Empire was being built
  • Homelessness the face of a selfish society
  • Feminist psychopath tory May and her rabid DV claims of concern
  • The law's an ass when judeo/freemasons are writing it
  • Where you are most likely to see men suffering from PTSD
  • Law Society the biggest gang stalker on the planet
  • Anti Trump women marches show how organised rabid feminists have become
  • Trump brings the lunatic feminazi out on to the streets
  • Divorce parasites
  • How governments disarm a population
  • A select few have tax free status
  • Australian senator Rod Culleton awaits the verdict NOT of a jury but a judicial mafia
  • Zionist Hollywood's sick minds
  • Hillary Clinton the faker who rants about 'fake' news
  • No government is better than zionist masonic run governments (VIDEO)
  • Divorce is the biggest government tax grab EVER (VIDEO)
  • War criminal Tony Blair's hypocrite lawyer wife on domestic abuse
  • Further to the death of activist Patrick Cullinane
  • Royal parasites on the benefit scrounging again into the millions
  • 1984 London Style
  • Is there any political hand globally that is not being greased by zionist money?
  • Have freemasons abandoned their Masonic Child Identification Programs?
  • Lawyer Clinton's dirty tricks didn't work as zionist leaning Trump wins the Presidency
  • There's the zionist world and then there's the rest
  • Be afraid be very afraid as the Met turn London into a military zone
  • Rebuilding Hillary Clinton's face
  • Neither Clinton or Trump are fit to run America
  • As more and more heterosexuals are being jailed homosexuals are being pardoned
  • ABC Australia SMEAR elderly activist as a terror threat
  • Why are innocent fathers rotting in jail while criminals and murderers roam the streets?
  • Restraining orders used to feed the legal perverts
  • Theresa May: Judge a person by the company they keep
  • Want to know what a living hell is like? get divorced
  • How freemason cops keep themselves in employment
  • Blinded by the masonic light of darkness and lies
  • Capitalism and a man digging holes
  • Lawyers and judges behind the psychological murder of men across the globe
  • America left to vote for two old pensioners
  • Heterophobia rife at the BBC and the global media
  • The royal hand picked to push domestic violence scams globally
  • Being unable to sue a lawyer ensures they continue to provide stolen children to their paedo pals
  • Lawyers the child procurers for paedo's
  • Freemasons behind the biggest child abuse network on the planet
  • Wars are triggered by the greed of the über rich
  • The political mafia condone the homosexual agenda to feed their own vile perversions
  • There is only one thing certain about government that it ain't there for our benefit
  • Divorcing men in a police state
  • Brexit exposes power struggles of the elite
  • Proud to be a heterosexual male and father
  • Freemason judicial mafia still the biggest threat to heterosexual men globally
  • Why are there 70,000+ children in care homes in the UK?
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